Don’t Mess With Bunnies

Woohoo.  A short story I wrote called, ‘Don’t Mess With Bunnies’ is going to see print!

Mannison Press, LLC is picking it up and I am extremely thankful!  Glad they thought enough of the story to offer it some exposure.

So, short stories.  I have not written too many short stories over the past five years, just whenever an idea starts buzzing.  The short story is far different than a novel, though I think each has its merits.  With the novel you can get intricate with plots and characters and even get off on a tangent or too.  With the short story, you have to punch it in and get your story across in a few pages which can be challenging.  However, the payoff, in the long run is you get practice in brevity and editing.  Each word has more weight in a short story and writing and then cleaning up a short story is a great opportunity to exercise those editing muscles, looking over your words to see what is necessary and what is filler.  

Having jumped back into short stories this year, I am finding it’s a great change of pace and an opportunity to exercise the creative muscles in a different way.  I love reading short stories and so from time to time,  Granted I prefer novels, but I think it can be beneficial to all types of story telling.  
I am going to set up a link to Mannison Press on my Extras Page.  I’ll give updates as I get information, but it’s exciting news for me! Thanks to Ron and Deidre!


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