The Salvation of Samuel                

– Adult Magical Realism

I’ve never been sure how to categorize this novel—as in what genre.  It kind of just popped into my head amidst other projects and wrote itself.  I tend to think of it as a product of my own imagination and ideas about philosophy, religion and New Age.  This is what it’s all about:

Samuel, a seemingly homeless man, sneaks his way into a hospital emergency room and heals a seven month old of mortal injuries.  The doctor on duty is at a loss, and she takes him in to try to understand what really happened.  Was it a clever con, some new miracle drug, or something else?

The doctor, her neighbors, a priest, and a tabloid reporter get caught up in the mystery, looking for the answers to Samuel’s abilities.  As they witness more of Samuel’s miracles, some of these people come to befriend him, others try to expose him; all of them trying to understand who he is and what the real secret is behind what he’s doing.

The Reclamation of Samuel

I’m returning to this saga as I realized there’s one more book to write…more to come.

Dave E. Lish’s Guide to Evil:                                                    -Humorous How-To Parody

PUBLISHED!  By Mannison Press   Fall of 2021 and available on Amazon

The “Dave” books are a departure from my normal bent.  It started as a lark more than anything.  I was given a humorous book by a friend for Christmas and reading it gave me the idea that I might be able to write something with a humorous angle.  Here’s the gist of it:

There have been How-To books on just about every conceivable topic, but what about evil?  What if the Devil got sick and tired of watching people on earth bungle, screw up or just plain ole misunderstand evil and decided to write the definitive himself?

Dave E. Lish’s Essential Guide to Being Evil is what this is all about, deciding that humanity needs a refresher course if people are ever going to get to Hell the “right” way.  This is a humorous parody of the “how-to” genre.  Looking at evil from Dave’s view:  Hell is run like a giant corporation with Dave as the top dog.

He’s got a penchant for evil in the movies and isn’t shy about giving his opinion on celebrities, meteorologists and fast food joints as he shows the reader the “inside” track on how to make him proud.  There’s even a self-test to take to see how you stack up on Dave’s “Evil Scale.”

Dave E. Lish:  Let’s Go to the Movies                                    -Humorous Critique Parody

A follow up to the first, Dave takes his favorite obsession—movies, and gives his two cents on the industry and all of the movies that he loves . . . and hates.  He pontificates, transgresses and gets off on a multitude of diatribes as he gives the reader his take on evil and how it’s rampant in the movies.  Just like the last book, there’s a test of sorts to gauge your knowledge of the movies to see how you measure up against Dave.