The Adventures of Darby Xanthe–series

Urban Sci-fi

Darby Xanthe I:  Curse on Black Tail

I’ve always wanted to write an adventure serial.  Of course I love adding elements of science fiction or fantasy . . . or both.  Oh, and adding a dollop of horror wherever I can.  I think it goes back to early memories of ongoing stories like the Johnny Quest cartoon, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and other books that just had that never ending adventure.  Darby is my dance with that genre:

Darby Xanthe is an average twenty-something year old park employee in Montana with the usual job trials and tribulations:  a supervisor who needles her constantly, a trio of girls she doesn’t fit in with and a would-be boyfriend.  However, she is smart, tough and willing to stand up and think for herself.

She and her friend Kara check in on three campers and find a high tech RV with some serious equipment.  Everett Scott, the owner, his daughter Sylvia and an assistant, Rourke, spin a story about being interested in monsters, even though they admit it’s not their primary goal.  Darby gets caught up in what they’re really up to and who they’re working for.  In the mix, two hunters disappear and Darby’s boss doesn’t check in after going out to look for them.

Darby and the others get more than they bargained for in their search for the truth . . .



Darby Xanthe II:  The Devil’s Bowl

Darby continues to hang out with Dr. Scott, Sylvia and Rourke as they delve deeper into the doors opened in the first book.  Darby wanders further down the proverbial rabbit hole as she’s exposed to more dangers from things not of her world.  This adventure takes them up north where they find a castle that shouldn’t be, in a strange place called the Devil’s Bowl where spirits walk and the living aren’t welcome.


I’m working on the third installment, but don’t have a title or much to give you at this point…