Ghost Boy I      YA —  Magical Realism

As my son grew and began reading, my wife and I read to him daily, exposing him to Early Readers, Middle Grade and now YA fiction.  The more I read with him, the more I began to like the genre until my imagination kicked into gear and Ghost Boy was the result.  This is what it’s all about:

Teddy Larson is your average thirteen year old who likes video games, creepy things and getting into mischief with his best friend, Iggy.  However, Teddy wakens on a cold February morning in his sneakers, shorts and his favorite zombie t-shirt as his friends and family mourn his death.  Worse, he can’t remember how he died.

Meeting up with a “helper” he calls Mr. Freedman and the spirit of his grandmother who has an endless supply of her famous chocolate chip cookies, he tries to unravel the mystery.  Teddy enlists the aid of his still living, but obnoxious younger sister, Kiera. Kiera, in turn, cons their older, skeptical sister, Cat, help him track down clues in the world of the living.  They discover there’s something bad happening in Hampton and Teddy hasn’t been the only victim.  It’s up to Teddy and his team, some living and some long gone, to save the day.

Ghost Boy II
(In Production)  YA — Magical Realism

GB II picks up where the first left off and Teddy gets drawn into more paranormal adventures with Mr. Freedman and those of his family who can see him.  I can see this going at least three books, maybe four.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Refuge     YA — Sci-Fi

Emi is a sixteen year old genetically advanced teen who crash lands on an alien planet with 43 other kids.  They’re separated from their parents and on the run from Earth.  Backed by a state of the art space ship, a sentient computer named Joshua, and their genetically superior skills, Emi and the others try to survive on an alien planet while attempting to contact their parents and tracking Earth to see if the people who created them are on their way to finish them off.

Emi and the rest have to contend with alien creatures, dwindling supplies and a strange virus which only affects the six eldest.  Emi also faces frustration as she’s one of the few kids her age who have not manifested any kind of psychic abilities.  As Emi struggles to keep her faith that her parents are still alive, she stumbles on a plot, finding out Earth may still be watching them and things are not as they seem.

Book II:  Earth Bound         

Earth Bound picks up where Outworlders left off, and I can’t go into it without giving something away from the first, but it’s an escalation from the first book, and Emi and her friends discover there’s a lot more going on than even they could have imagined.

Book III:  Tentatively entitled New Earth

It’s on the way and will get written in 2022 🙂