Updating–I have published several stories now, and I will keep adding links and thank you’s! I do appreciate every story I’ve gotten published–each publication either means I’m doing something right . . . or my sanity is slowly slipping into the void of horror :).

Don’t Mess With Bunnies was picked up by Mannison Press who turned it into a mini-book available on Amazon. Ron and Deidre get the credit for picking up my first published story:

A big thanks to Ron and Deidre and everyone at Mannison!!!

And another thanks to Mannison for working on a mini-interview with me:


This story is about what’s lurking almost right in front of us . . .

A big thanks to Gabriel and everyone at Soteira!!

You can buy it at the link above!

A huge thanks to Eerie River Publishing for picking up a short story of mine called, Thirteen! It’s a short horror piece about a haunted shack and the entity trapped inside. I’m excited to work with Michelle and the rest of Eerie’s gang, so check them out!

Check it out!

And while we’re at it . . . come check out DBND Publishing–they picked up a story of mine called, Big Rock. It’s one of my favorite stories–not evil horror, but it just struck me and while I try not to pick favorites, I really was ecstatic the way it turned out.

Thanks DBND! I’m excited to be working with you too and thank you for picking this one up! This one will come out soon–I’ll keep you updated.


Check it out!

And starting the new year off right–Red Cape Publishing has picked up a story of mine called, Waiting for Daylight. I am very appreciative of Peter and the rest of his team for giving the story a home! Thank you!

And a promo…

Lightning is striking again as Hellbound Books LLC is picking a short story I wrote called Imaginables! It’s about a therapist trying to discover how one of her patients just walked out of his room.

A big thanks to everyone at Hellbound and you can find out more about them here:


More to come . . .

It’s been a crazy summer and things are kicking up on my behalf. Alin from the Dread Machine just contacted me and is picking up a story I wrote called Division Zero. A sci-fi horror which asks how we deal with uncontrollable forces.

A huge thanks to Alin and her people for giving Division Zero a home! More to come here, but below is a link to The Dread Machine:

Latest but never least! Better Words Editing and Tiffany Curry and the rest of their crew are picking up a story called Traditions for their Krampus Tales: A Killer Anthology. Obviously Traditions is related to Christmas and will be out in November this year. More to come on it to, but here’s a link to their site: