I’m creating multiple pages for my books because I’ve been writing steadily. As I finish more projects, I’ll just keep adding pages.

I’ve been writing novels since 2000.  I did publish two non-fiction reference works for Palladium Books, Inc. in 1994 and 1997 respectively, but once I discovered the fiction novel, I got the bug and have never looked back.

I took my first real attempt at a novel in 2000 and ended up writing two that year, though it took me a lot more time and editing before I thought it was passable.  Below represents my library of fiction (and non-fiction) works.

Morana’s Blades:  Dark Fantasy

Set on Cy, a world filled with magic and monsters, two countries invade a chain of islands called the Broken Isles.  Sick of raiding clans of pirates, they decide to wipe them out once and for all.

Mara and her scouting team are ambushed while out on recon.  Separated and alone, she works her way back to the main armies when she stumbles upon a young man calling himself Rabbit.

He tells her how a famous mercenary group slipped into the main pirate stronghold and rescued him.  Rabbit has little memory of his early life other than never ending fear and torture at the hands of his captors.  He’s in awe of this merc group only three strong:  a pit fighter named Razor, Parson, their leader, and Spirit, a young witch with a temper.

Mara knows a lot of mercs have been hired, but she doesn’t recognize their name nor how they got so far inland to rescue one boy.  And why him.

Mara is eager to unravel Rabbit’s past . . . until she meets Parson and finds out the truth.

The Heroes of Cy Trilogy:  Dark fantasy

Book I:  The Long Coat of Dagon Masch

I’ve admired lots of actors and actresses and loved watching them on the big screen.  However, I always wonder what they’re really like as people:  obviously not the characters we see in movies, but more complex with their own individual sets of strengths and weaknesses.  I’ve always wanted to explore that in story and this trilogy is the result.

The Heroes of Cy trilogy follows two heroes.

Collin is a hero who can’t stand the label.  Unconsciously trying to atone for killing his brother, he fights as a mercenary to escape his past.  He is joined in his escape by an aging shaman, two hired swords and an enigmatic dead man. They follow him, despite the fact he takes the most dangerous paths and continuously throws himself into harm’s way.

The second hero is Erin; a young mercenary searching for someone worthy to put her bow behind. She hears of this famed Black Lion and seeks him out, not knowing she has a demon on her track.   Still, she throws in with Collin, trying to better understand him, and ends up getting pulled into a fight against a general impervious to death.

Book II:  The Legacy of Anarawd

Book II picks up with the group as they try to help one of their own.  The plot thickens as a dark “evil” rears its head threatening the western side of Cy itself.  Collin seeks to help his friend while Erin discovers a secret she never would have believed.  And her demon isn’t finished with her yet.

BOOK III:  Kylie’s Bane   

Book III brings the exciting climax as Collin and the gang get drawn into an epic struggle to protect the people of Cy itself.  Will Collin get his shot at that redemption he’s anguished over since he was a boy?

And Erin faces her biggest challenge yet:  coming to terms with death hit close to home.  Can she overcome it?  Can she survive real monsters and the deadliest sorceress on Cy?

Only one way to find out . . .

Dragon Hunters I                   -Heroic Fantasy 

This is the first novel I ever wrote.  I took the idea of the “dragon hunter” and played the what-if game.

What if dragons existed?  What if they were the fabled powerhouses we’ve all read about in tales like the Hobbit?  The real question arises:  who would even mess with a dragon, let alone hunt them?  What kind of people would even attempt such a thing?

The Dragon Hunters follows a group of heroic souls (or maybe flat out crazy) who hunt down and kill dragons.  While the group is well paid for their efforts, behind the scenes a more sinister plot brews.  Unknown to the main group, their leader, Kirshod, has an agenda, backed by a sub-council of wizards.

However, a dragon named Iqrii investigates the killing of one of its friends and  starts looking into who these people are and why they’re intent on destroying all dragons.

The Dragon Hunters is epic fantasy taking an in depth look into the people who participate in such a dangerous occupation, most of which don’t even realize they’re being used for a darker purpose.

Dragon Hunters II:  Dragon Hunted     -Heroic Fantasy

It’s escalation as Iqrii the dragon realizes there is a larger plot afoot even though he doesn’t understand the root of it.  With the help of human friends, he digs deeper only to find a conspiracy of wizards.  To unlock the mystery he intends to confront this fabled group of killers of his kind, and the dragon hunters now become the hunted.

Heroes For Hire                      -Comic Fantasy

A tongue in cheek fantasy series about four anti-heroes down on their luck and looking for work.  I suppose I do have a humorous side as I seem to write in that vein from time to time.  While I seem to prefer the darker side of things, every now and then I get in a mood.  The Heroes serial is going to be that outlet as soon as the Dave books are finished.  This is what the first one is about:

Two penniless wizards casting a sarcastic eye to everything they spy, a self-proclaimed hero almost as good with his blades as he is with his mouth, and a “religious” wanderer who carries a blade as big as he is come to find work on a ship bound for glory and wealth . . . or so the captain claims.

Heroes for Hire is the first book in a series following the exploits of these four “heroes” as they slide in and out of trouble, occasionally and accidentally doing the right thing.

I’m about a third of the way through the second book, Heroes Be Damseled, but I got distracted by other projects as new ideas popped into my head.  Incidentally it was the Black Lion that sidetracked me and once I started writing those I couldn’t stop until the first trilogy was finished.  I DO plan on going back to the story because they’re a lot of fun to write.