This is where I’ll put resources and other things from time to time.  Eventually I’ll add some story lines, forms and who knows what else.  I’ve also added some quotes from characters from some of my stories.  Some are from completed works and some are from things in the making . . . 

“But I know something of betrayal and loss.  They’re hard bitches who don’t let go easily.  Not until you make them.  And you can’t run from them because they’ll dog you ’til you die.”  ~ Balor:  The Long Coat of Dagon Masch

“This is the afterlife.  We don’t play by the same rules as the living.  Have a cookie.”  ~ Grandma  “How come you aren’t in Heaven?  That’s where Father Mallone said you’d be, though I wondered after all of the tricks you and Iggy have done.”  ~ Kiera:  Ghost Boy

“You’re always complicated.  That’s what I love about Darby Xanthe.  ​You wouldn’t know what to do if your life wasn’t complicated . . . Since the day I met you you’ve always complicated the hell out of everything.”  ~ Kara:  Darby Xanthe


“Oh my god. The prints . . . how big?” Emi asked. “Unknown, until I have more data,” Moore replied. “However, the distance between tracks is serious—probably larger than a dinosaur on Earth.”   ~ Refuge


Parson tossed out the confident grin Mara was getting used to seeing.  “We have some skills most other mercenary companies do not.  While war isn’t my first talent, it is Razor’s.  And Spirit, well, she’s an accomplished sorceress, if a bit under practiced.” ~ Parson:  Morana’s Blades