Eerie River Publishing . . . telling stories!

I got the opportunity to help Eerie River Publishing with a reading event promoting its It Calls From the Forest books today. Michelle from Eerie asked for volunteers to read character lines for a short five page story, and took some time to interview the author contributors who showed up.

I was very appreciative of the opportunity and it was cool to help out one of my fellow authors!

It was a new experience for me, but a ton of fun! Which leads me to a comment :).

As a writer and author, I’m always eager to help out the presses who have gotten behind my stories. And you, as an author, should always step up to volunteer for opportunities to promote the places who see something of value in your work.

We wouldn’t be where we are without the people who spend their time and effort finding homes for our stories. Giving back and supporting the places who support writers is a very worthwhile, and something each of us should step up for every chance we get.

Just saying!

Here’s a link to the Youtube channel:

Check it out and thanks for reading!!! Go Eerie River Publishing!