How the heck to write during the holidays…

Good question. 

Once you reach the week before Thanksgiving, things kick into overdrive for a lot of people.  And it’s a runaway sled ride to the end of the year.  So how do you find time to write during the crazy season?

I definitely don’t have huge amounts of time.  We celebrate Christmas at our house, which means decorating the yard, putting up a tree, shopping—you name it.  I admit it’s probably one of my least productive times of the year—there are just more demands on your time. 

On the other hand, maybe it’s a necessary break for the creative juices as you get absorbed in other things.  Still, I definitely like to keep working.  I sneak in small periods to write, story build, or edit and add notes to existing stories.  It’s hard to get into the deep end on writing because you keep getting distracted by silly things like get-togethers, work functions and present hunting (despite the wonderful world of online shopping I do like walking through stores—I know, I’m weird). 

However, I find those quiet moments like mid-morning on the weekends when the kid is sniping enemies online with his pals and the wife is channel surfing, and slip off to my writing room to knock out a few words.  I have to watch for opportunities, but it’s something I really do love so I’m motivated to find it.  But that’s me. 

Find your way, do whatever it takes and get those stories out on the screen (or paper first if that’s your thing).  It’s’ what you love too, and even if you only get a half hour, it’s thirty minutes well spent!

Happy Holidays–Craig