Let’s talk reading.

So with all of the time spent writing, and then editing, and hunting for agents and publishers, you also have to squeeze in some time to read. 

Yeah, it’s not always easy.  However, while writing is truly fun and gets me excited, there is nothing better than stepping into another world and letting yourself get shoved into the roller coaster that is a great story (incidentally I can’t stand coasters, but eh, the analogy fits).

When do you read?  Whenever you can squeeze it in–before bed, for a half hour when no one is bugging you, while you’re riding into work, ten minutes while dinner is cooking . . . wherever you find space and a few minutes.  It’s how it works at my house.  Reading before bed is my fav, because I get settled in, start to unwind and let someone else take the creative reins for a while.  However, I love to read whenever I can, and as with writing, I can usually tune out background noise when I’m into a good book.

So what have I been reading lately?  I just finished graphic novel versions of Kick Ass (don’t judge me! :)), a collection of short stories on monsters, and my other passion:  the weird world of cryptids.  Go look it up. 

I finished a read called American Monsters by Linda S. Godfrey.  Ever since I was a kid and picked up a book on the Loch Ness Monster from my public library, I’ve been hooked on monsters and strange sightings.  It intrigues me, challenges me to read with a critical eye to fabrication, hoax and reputable accounts, and it’s just plain interesting.

Lately, I’ve also gotten into listening to stories online through Youtube:  ‘Bedtime Stories’ is a great channel, following in the same vein as my current reading.  I also like a channel called ‘Creeparoni,’ hosted by a woman in Georgia with a great accent and knack for oral story telling.  

Either way, I like to keep my brain engaged reading.  It’s different than writing, but it’s time spent with stories where I’m not in charge.  It’s what led me to writing in the first place and there is nothing better than finding a really good author who peels you away from the real world.