Marketing…the new game

Hey there. In the last year I’ve started doing things I never considered and initially never wanted to do. Yes, I’m talking about marketing.

If you’re going to publish through the Indie route or even self publish you’re going to have to spend the time learning how to market your books or they’re going to sit out in the ether of Amazon or Smashwords or other platforms and gather dust. It’s curse worthy, but publishing isn’t like it was in the 60’s and 70’s when traditional publishing houses took care of that for their authors.

Heck, even traditional publishers are starting to put some of the marketing back on their authors. It’s the new state of affairs in publishing and you need to learn what you can. Sorry for that bad news, BUT, it’s not as bad as it seems.

So, where do you start? There are lots of people and groups telling you about how they can help you market your books and get your stories in front of thousands to make those sales. I’ve been reading a lot and yes, there are some good tips and tricks out there, but a lot of this is still going to be common sense.

I’m going to start tackling some of these issues in the next several blogs. I’ll drag you along on my journey as I learn and figure some of this out.

I do NOT have all the answers. Frankly most people don’t. There are pitfalls to avoid and ways to frugally spend money, to get a better return on your dollars but the world of advertising still seems to be a hit and miss game. It’s all about finding the people who want to read what you’ve written and getting it in front of them in a way that makes them hit the “Buy” button.

Yeah. Not all doom and gloom though . So hang with me and we’ll wade through this together. Next blog we’re going to discuss that mystical phrase, “Target Audience.”