Project Threshold ™

This is what I’ve been working on for some time.

Next Fall two presses are teaming up to release a serial for me. First, The Dread Machine:

Secondly, Red Cape Publishing:

Some time back, The Dread Machine (TDM) bought a single story from me we’re calling “The Cave.” Scifi/horror/SCP style, it’s about a secret government group called Project Threshold™ who investigate and either contain or wipe out extra-dimensional threats to our world.

This Earth is part of a multiverse and monsters and entities and stranger things bleed into ours from others and it’s up to the Direct Contact Teams to figure out what’s going on and take care of any threats.

TDM asked if I’d be interested in writing a serial based in that world and I jumped at it. What’s coming is the culmination of a novel’s length worth of nineteen stories. There’s a website dedicated to Project Threshold™.

Yeah. You can sign up and join right now:

By joining you’ll get behind the scenes in the organization, updates on missions, freebies and more. For the next several months, through the website you’ll learn more about this group and glimpses into the stories and the ride you’ll get to experience when they release.

Yes–I am extremely excited! The serial will consist of four novella length books: one for each of the direct contact teams and a finale. You’ll learn more about them and the world in the coming months.

Stay tuned and check out this website and PT’s own website for monthly updates and goings’ on!