Behind the times but the serial is in full swing. Sad to say I haven’t spotlighted each book as it has come out, but this is tricky stuff as an Indie author. Things are happening fast!

Project Threshold is coming out in 4 parts, telling the stories of Harris Berger, Talise Randall and Hannah Riker, and all of their teams’ adventures. You can find their books on my Published! page but I’ll throw the link to Berger’s stories here:

Short reads at about 90 pages each, it’s good solid sci-fi horror. I’m getting good reviews and with the help of Red Cape Publishing, I think we turned out something pretty cool.

As for writing and marketing let’s talk life balance. Whew–hard to come by. Seems like every day I am juggling something on the writing or marketing front. I have my days where I’ve got too much coming at me, but I am learning that 1) not everything HAS to be done in one day and 2) it ain’t possible so do as much as you can.

And give yourself a break when you can’t cram everything in.

I am getting stories showing up for the next series in Project Threshold so that’s dragging more of my time away. But again, for those of you just jumping into self publishing or small press pub’ing, don’t beat yourself up, just do as much as you can and keep your sanity. I’ve got a full time job in addition to this and some days it feels like there’s very little for anything else or not even enough time as is. Which is why it’s even more important to take breaks and breathers.

Do it. Even if you have ten things stacked up to do, take time away to refresh. It helps keep sanity in the long run 🙂

Alright, back to it! Keep the faith and I will too. Book 3 is out tomorrow and I have lots to do!