Promos for Red Cape Publishing

Ah, a shameless plug. What can I say? It’s my fifth short story published and Red Cape Publishing gave me great feedback on Waiting for Daylight.

This is what makes all the hours of writing and editing and rejection worth it.

I write because . . . I really enjoy it, and because I have to. It’s those stories that won’t leave my head until I put them on the page is why I do it. Of course, once I purge one, usually something else takes its place, so it’s an endless cycle.

However, the feeling while you’re writing a story, seeing it unfold in front of you is definitely a high. Knocking out two or three thousand words in a night when I’m really on a roll, in the aftermath, I’m tired and worn, but there’s that inside grin, because I know I’m working it out.

The exclamation point on a finished story is publication. It’s not the reason I write, but it’s that pat on the back because someone else thought enough of your work to put it out there for others to read, and be entertained or even inspired by your words.

Yeah. It doesn’t feel any better.

So a big thanks to Red Cape Publishing, but also Eerie River Publishing, DBND, Soteira Press, and Mannison Press for putting their faith in my writing. I appreciate all of you and thank you for your support!