The Dread Machine

The muse is continuing to sit at my back. I got word I’m getting another story published. It’s called Division Zero and a combination of Urban sci-fi and horror. I think it will inspire other similar stories because it just kind of lends itself to more.

First off, a big thinks to Alin at Dread Machine for taking on this story! It never gets old getting an email saying someone liked your writing enough to get behind and publish it. Never.

You can check out The Dread Machine here:

The Dread Machine

This is the fun of writing–when you start getting those hits, and the point is, and always will be: you never give up. Even if you have a stack of rejections big enough to fill a novel. It’s just the practice arena and each time you get a “no”, it brings you another step closer to a “yes.”

I’m living proof.

Keep writing. Keep sending stuff out. Just put your head down and go.