There are some great writers out there . . . Tim Mendees!

Hi All,

In my travels I’ve been not only writing, but I’ve been reading stories too.  Mostly horror, and these days a lot of short stories, but good stuff for sure.

Recently I crossed paths with a man named Tim Mendees from the UK. I’ve read several of his stories.  It turns out we’ve both been published in some of the same anthologies, and I’ve really been enjoying his works.  If you like the Lovecraftian feel and quality storytelling, you’ll enjoy his stuff.

You can find him here:

You can also check out his author page on Amazon:

He invited me on his Youtube channel to talk writing, where I discovered we’ve got a lot in common on the writing front.  We chatted about the process of writing, how we approach stories, editing—even cephalopods.  If you’re interested in that go here:

Writing is an individual process and I love digging into the how’s and why’s of the way it works. I don’t really ever want to fully understand how it works, but I can’t help but ask other writers how-they-do-it.

Keep writing, and reading!