Wolfsinger Publications

And, I’m a day late…you knew I’d do that sooner or later. It’s just kind of my thing. I will endeavor to persevere (five points if you know what movie that phrase came from).

First–news! I just got my first fantasy story accepted for publication with Wolf Singer! It’s pretty exciting! A BIG thanks to Carol and the rest of the team at Wolfsinger for thinking enough of the story to add it to an upcoming anthology called “Crunchy With Ketchup”

This is significant to me because it is the first fantasy story I’ve had published and any of you who have followed my antics know my writing roots started with fantasy. I’ve got a handful of fantasy novels waiting to find a publisher and it’s what I grew up reading so this is cool.

Secondly, I don’t know if it will be a thing, or how often, but the story title I chose is: Don’t Mess With Dragons, mimicking the title of my first short story publishing credit called, Don’t Mess With Bunnies. It seemed appropriate given the theme, and it just felt like a sign from the muse to go with it. Either way, Don’t Mess . . . may show up now and again who knows?

I’ve always liked dragons–the huge, imposing juggernauts which people leave alone and when I saw this theme pop up, I knew I had to write something. I took a different take on the usual dragon motif, creating Iqrii with . . . well, you’ll have to read the story to see how I tackled my dragon, but I like how Iqrii turned out.

I’ll leave a link here for Wolfsinger–you should definitely check them out!


Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and we’ll catch up soon!