All the time in the world…

Hello again.  Yes I haven’t gotten back in for a bit.  I was actually finishing a new book.  Between regular life and putting words on pages, there just wasn’t much time for blogging.

That’s the thing when the writing bug bites . . . at least for me.  When the ideas come I have to sit down and get them out or they don’t leave me alone.  However, it’s done and I’ll put up a post on the new one soon enough.  I’m still hemming on titles.

Titles are one of those things I probably over think, but I always feel like the title should encompass the book in some way, giving a glimpse of what is most important to the story and pointing a finger at the overall theme.  I also think it should be catchy if not intriguing enough or someone to take a second look and want to pick up the book and flip a page or two to see what I’m getting at.

This latest book is a fantasy and in the same world as the Heroes of Cy Saga.  I like the mercenary motif and it came through here too, if in a unique way.  So, as soon as I figure out the title, I’ll post it.

In the meantime, do some writing or reading of your own and I’ll catch you soon.