Writing Seasons

Getting in the mood to write is often timing.  I have certain times of the year when I get revved to write and while I don’t really understand the pattern, it’s there.

For the last couple of years, late winter through spring have been my creative periods.  Usually it’s from late January into the end of May or June.  Living in Iowa, the end of January is dark early and often cold with snow, depending on Mother Nature’s whim from year to year.  I suppose it makes a kind of sense when you’re stuck inside, but I tend to think it’s because the holidays are over, my birthday’s done and my mind suddenly gets free time.

The late summer months I usually spend editing something I’ve finished or pushing around other projects.  Fall is my favorite time to enjoy the weather–just a little bit chilly, the leaves start shading into oranges and browns, and the harvest skies get really cool.  Then the holidays roll through (Halloween being the highlight for me–we throw a costume party every year so there’s always plenty to do).  Then it’s back to the end of the year.

I do keep writing, picking at story lines, writing notes for other books, or editing throughout the months, but it always brings me back to winter and spring for doing my real writing.

That’s how I work, but I am interested to hear how the rest of you pick your times to write . . . or don’t get to pick and just fall into patterns.  Let me know!