Creative Breaks

There are those times and days and even seasons where we get run down on the creative front.  I know I do.  I’m in the middle of one right now. I was churning out stories one after the other this spring, and now I don’t have a single story in my head.

Nope, it’s not time to panic.  Take a deep breath and relax.  It happens to all writers and while some choose to look at it as the dreaded ‘writer’s block,’ what we’re really talking about is needing to let your creative side recharge.  It happens to me every year, and I’ve learned that if the stories aren’t coming, let it be.

Okay, but what if you’re under deadline?  Well that is tricky, but at the same time, if you take a break—even a couple of  days to do something else NOT writing, my guess is it will give your brain a chance to catch its breath. Give it a shot–binge an entire show, read a novel or two, or play a video game. Don’t let yourself write or even think about writing for a few days to rest and rejuvenate. Then jump back in.

So what do you do with your off time?  I have lots of other hobbies including movies, reading (which does stimulate inspiration!), cryptozoology and several other minor hobbies.  However, I’ve also gotten into the craft beer scene.  I love trying different beers and ciders made from all over the U.S.  When we travel I usually hunt down a brewery to check out and have found several great places.

I live in Iowa and one of the best gems is a place called Crimson Sunset Cidery.  They don’t have an official website yet as I can find, but you can take a peek at them here:

They create some of the tastiest ciders I’ve ever had.  They infuse their ciders with yogurt, honey, and a variety of other things which really bring out the flavor and the creaminess of their brews.  I plan on road tripping to them at the end of the summer with my buddy and our families so I’ll give a report with pictures. Either way, it’s one of many things I do to give myself a break when my writing game is not on. It lets me concentrate on other things and reenergize so I can jump in again on new stories.

Remember: trust your own instincts. Keep writing, keep reading and remember to take those mental breaths from time to time.  It really does help.