Mannison Press

Hey–I missed the 20th again, but I had a busy week including crazy work, friends staying with us, editing on a manuscript and getting lots prepared for Dave E Lish and his Beginner’s Guide to Being Evil.

Yep…coming out June 9th. I’ll toot my horn here for a moment:

However, having said that, this book didn’t happen just because I wrote the thing. You (and me) as a writer need to remember that. Yes, I did the writing. I came up with the idea and put down the words. I did the initial edits and sent it to publishers.


I didn’t get this published alone. Mannison Press is the reason this is going on the book shelf (so, you know, ultimately, blame them if you don’t like it 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). Seriously, you have to give your nod to your publishers every chance you get–they are the ones seeing something valuable in your work, willing to give up space in their anthologies and magazines and books for your work, and they’re putting in a lot of time to polish and push your work into the public eye.

So kudos and thank them.

So thank you to Ron and Deidre for taking a chance on Dave and myself! I truly appreciate it (Dave does too, but he’s in a meeting on Level 9 and it’s not going so well . . . for everyone else).

Here’s a link to Mannison Press: They obviously put out some good stuff 😉

Ron also told me they are back to offering editing services: They did a great job getting Dave’s book up to snuff and also Don’t Mess With Bunnies. He’s got a great feel for flow and how to make the story the best it can be.

So just don’t forget that getting published is a team effort. Remember: you never get where you’re going completely by yourself and you need to remember those who helped you up and forward.