Don’t get in Inspiration’s way.

Welcome back.

The holidays always make it hard to write. There are so many things going on which keep pulling you away from the keyboard–or pad of paper, or even apps like Evernote.

Still, it’s not all bad to take that break, to let the creative juices re-energize. I’ve even found, directly after the holidays, I don’t have a lot of writing energy, but sooner or later you get back into it.

I know I keep equating writing and all creative endeavors with exercise, but it’s a good analogy. You take a break from exercising and you have to get back in shape. Same for writing. Start slow and rebuild those mental muscles. You want to run two miles but can only get in one before getting whupped. Take the credit for the one mile and get back at it the next day.

The same is true for writing. If nothing is coming, just write in a journal, read a book, get out for a walk. Dip your fingers in the genres you want to write in and push yourself a little each day–don’t overdo it. As with exercise, if you push too hard too early, you can hurt something.

Same with writing. Force it, and you’ll either turn out crap or you’ll get frustrated and walk away from the keyboard.

Trust your muse and let it flow. He or she will take care of you: it’s what your writing muse does.

Happy 2020 and good writing!