DBND Publishing

I’ve been gone a while. It’s been a whirlwind of fun the last few months. That and I’ve hit my peak writing time…

Post holidays through June, for a particular set of circumstances, has become the time of year where I get focused and write a novel, finish up one, or both. So I have had my head in my keyboard and my screen.

I am remiss, because DBND picked up my story, Big Rock. It was a great moment for me because Big Rock is one of my favorite stories so far. Not really horror in the traditional sense, but I feel it’s tragic, haunting and just one of those, “well crap, what would I do if I ended up in this situation,” kind of stories.

So I am indebted and very appreciative DBND thought enough of it to include it in their anthology, Solitude. I’ll throw links to DBND and the book below, but I wanted to say “Thanks!” one more time. It means a lot!

I’ve got some catching up to do! I’ll be back because I am having more successes on the short story front!