Good Things

Updates today.

The NonBinary Review has Issue #32: Epic Fail live and it includes a story I wrote called: The Dark Zone! A huge thanks to Lisa and the team there for picking this story up 🙂 Very much appreciated! You can find it here:

This week another story went live online with NewMyths! It’s the story called A Murmuration of Starlings and it’s the story I dissected in 8 parts on story building because it gave me such troubles. Completely ecstatic it found a home! Thanks to Susan and everyone at New Myths for taking on this story–it’s a current fav of mine! You can read it without paying for it right here:

And we’re still not done. Project Threshold is still slated for fall. The Dread Machine who rallied around the first story and suggested me building a serial out of it has sidelined on handling the stories because they have too many things going on. No worries. I am grateful for all of their support over the last two years offering me encouragement and support as I turned this into something bigger than it was.

However, Red Cape Publishing,

Is taking on the entire serial. I’ve published with them twice before and I know I’m in great hands with them. So thankful and appreciative!!!!!

I’ll keep you in the loop as I get more details but Red Cape is at the helm for Project Threshold. It’s going to be an exciting fall.

Thanks for following along and I’ll get back to writing ideas and marketing in a few days…yes, I need to get back to talking writing here and right soon!