Only So Many Hours….

Hi there,

I am have been poor at keeping up with this blog.  I’m learning about juggling time which is the proverbial learning curve. In addition to writing stories, submitting and getting both rejections and the occasional acceptance, I’ve got Project Threshold in my sights.

You can check on it here:  I’ve got a newsletter for that to send out on the 17th of every month. Check it out and join up if you’ve a mind: I’m handing out freebies in terms of character biographies and soon, stories and merch.

Plus I am playing with marketing. It’s interesting stuff but it takes time. I’m also active on Twitter so I’m not lounging about watching TV every night. That in addition to ‘normal’ life like full time job and family and sanity.  I’m not making excuses, it’s just the reality. 

So, how do you juggle time? As you can tell, it ain’t easy.  I have started to keep a calendar to keep me on track and I think it will help for the long term.  At least that’s my plan . . .

Unless you’ve worked your way into a situation where your writing earns you a steady and decent paycheck, you have to find ways to stay on task. For me, a calendar is becoming a must because the days float by and especially when I’ve got my head down in some story or other. The other thing I am doing is picking at least an evening every other week or so where I don’t do anything writing related.  No writing, no editing, no marketing just to get a breath.  Yep, it’s necessary to keep your energy up and I find it relaxing too.

Feel free to holler at me if you have other strategies for staying on task or relaxing.  I need both 😊

As for my upcoming stuff . . . June-ish, New Myths is going to release a story I got published through them called, A Murmuration of Starlings.  Check them out:   A BIG thanks to Susan Shell Winston and everyone at New Myths for picking up this story!!

I also have another story came out called The Dark Zone, picked up by The Zoetic Press: A huge thanks to Lise Quintana and her people too, for getting behind this short!!!

SO I’ve not been idle 😊.  I will endeavor to keep on top of things and if you’re curious, check out Project Threshold from the link above. Sign up for the newsletter.  I’m handing out info early and even a couple of stories and merch to subscribers.

Have a good one,