Let it snow…

Okay, so people always ask how you can enjoy winter when it’s below zero, snowy and going dark by six o’clock….

Easy answer: writing :). Yeah, you saw that coming. True though. January is when I usually kick into high gear on the writing front. My birthday hits after Christmas and so by . . . like now, it’s quiet time and for the next few months it should be good writing weather.

I’m actually editing for a serial I’ve had in the works for a year. I’m also editing another story of mine, and then I’m going to read a couple of stories for a friend and give some feedback. SO . . . the rest of this month, I’m probably going to play editor.

It goes back to what I’ve said about wearing lots of hats as a writer and author. Creating stories is the best part, but I’ve found I like editing. It forces me to “see” my stories from a different perspective. I also like reading other people’s stories–you really do get a window into their personal culture and how they see the world and what’s in it.

Alright, I guess I don’t have much to say this post except, keep reading, keep writing and keep moving forward. Always look for the next step!