Year End . . .

Hey. And so we come to the time of year when everything winds down and depending on where you live, winter may be descending. It’s a good time to kick back, relax and let the muse and ideas roll.

For me, winter is a productive time. I usually stall out on stories in the fall and then after bouncing through the holidays, I jump back in. I can feel it–I’ve got lots of ideas percolating. I’ve been writing a lot of short stories lately and I suspect those will keep coming, but I’ve got a couple of bigger projects to finish. I am going to finish the third novel in my Gen trilogy this next year. I’ve also got to put the finishing wax on the next Dave book. The first is out thanks to Mannison Press and it’s inspired me to clean up the second and also knock out the third installment. Now that I know how Dave is going to wrap things up, I think it will come to the forefront.

So, maybe winter isn’t your perfect time when it comes to writing, or maybe winter doesn’t cover you in lots of snow and cold. I do believe each of us writers has a season of the year in which you do your best work. If it’s not this time of year, what do you do with your time?

There are always small presses who are starting on the next year’s projects so you can watch for opportunities to submit. You can also turn your attention to the mundane tasks . . . I know, it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but pick a day and just an hour. Update your website . . . edit that story you’ve been meaning to get to . . . go through your list of places you want to send your stories . . . add new publishers to your list. Or, be like me, get off your seat and add another blog to your site.

Make the best use of your time. Writing is not the only task on your list when you’re a writer. It wasn’t until I started getting things published that I realized all of the little side things that get thrown into the mix. It’s a lot of non-glamorous and sometimes even tedious tasks, but it’s worth the time. And don’t overthink it or dread it. Just do it.

You’ll get it into your rhythm and it won’t be a hassle. Eventually :). Promise.

Okay, you’ve got a few days before New Year’s, so do kick back and relax. That is an important part of writing too–not writing. Go recharge your batteries and watch a movie, read a book or work a puzzle . . . or plug in a first person shooter and go get ’em!

Happy New Year’s end, and look forward to chatting with you in 2022!