Morana’s Blades

Happy New Year to all.

I spent the holidays doing lots of non-writing things as we all do, but I did manage to get some ideas–some for existing stories I’m working on, and even a new thread in my Cy world.

All throughout summer and fall I’ve been editing a new story. I’ve got a few readers to get feedback, have been tackling it multiple times, and taking breaks in between edits to give myself fresh eyes.

I try to work in short spurts, working a chapter at a time, forcing myself to try to see the manuscript through a reader’s eyes. It’s how I edit, because I’ve found trying to edit my own stuff is a whole lot harder than writing. It’s like passing judgement on your own kid: he’s yours so how can he truly be a juvenile delinquent???

I force myself to walk away from a novel after I write it, let it sit for a good length of time and then go back and edit it in short stints. And multiple times. Then when I’m sick to death of editing, I close the file and forget it until a few months later and go back at it again. And again.

Yeah, that’s the downside of writing. However, it feels good when you hammer on it, shape it, and clean it up to the point you’ve got something you’re proud of. Still not perfect by any means, but battle worthy.

I finished my latest edits with a new book set in my Cy world, called Morana’s Blades. Still dark fantasy with magic and adventure, but I think it’s a good story with a unique character. I just loaded it into my bibliography and I’m going to jump headlong into the hunting for an agent/publisher process.

So wish me luck! I’ll be busy this year writing and selling my wares…