Red Cape Publishing

The new year is going great. I’ve been writing and publishing stories and I have more news!

Red Cape Publishing is picking up a story I wrote called, Waiting for Daylight! A huge thanks to them for liking it enough to print it in the A-Z themed anthology, Beasts!

It’s really exciting, and getting that email telling you one of your stories has been accepted is just something that never gets stale or old. Each time it feels like you’re having the best day, and it really does make up for all of the other rejections!

So thank much to Peter and the rest at Red Cape!

Again, I’ll also do some plugging for my favorite horror. Youtube is what got me back into horror in a big way. There are tons of channels and places to listen to horror stories. I also love the fringe including cryptozoology, which fuels a lot of my horror writing. For ctypto, I love Phantoms and Monsters ( ), and Paranormal Junkie (

I also have gotten into a phenomenon called the Missing 411. Started by David Paulides in response to mysterious disappearances, it’s a creepy, disturbing set of happenings occurring, and it inspires a lot of thought and debate.

Alright, it’s back to it. Thanks again to everyone at Red Cape! Check out the link below and see what they’ve got coming!