Eerie River Publishing

Just because I can, I’m doubling up. Why, you ask? Because I’ve scored a fourth short story for publication, coming out in April, thanks to the people at Eerie River Publishing!

I’m still getting a handle on this blog thing and I really need to push for the people supporting my writing! So, thank you to Michelle and Alanna for picking up my story, Thirteen. It means a lot.

I’ve definitely gotten into the horror short stories. I listen to a lot on Youtube and read short stories in anthologies, and online venues like Reddit. For Youtube, one of my favorites is Bedtime Stories, which actually takes factual incidents and tries to look at both the realistic possibilities as well as the paranormal aspects to get to some sort of truth.

Another favorite is a channel called Creeparoni. She just has a great story telling style which makes it easy to listen to.

Alright, below are links to Eerie River Publishing. Check them out!

See you soon,