So, you’re story’s not working…

Hey–heading into the holidays and yes everyone knows how busy it gets, and trying to find time to write or any other writing related endeavor becomes a challenge. You know, a pain in the butt.

However, I find that even sequestering a few minutes here and there helps the soul and frees up some sanity.

I had a story, kept submitting it and . . . it keeps getting rejected. Editors had good things to say about it–I received lots of personalized feedback, but something wasn’t working. I turned it over in my head, reread and edited–you know, all the usual.

It wasn’t until I let someone else read it which helped. I told them I wanted honest feedback and lo and behold, during a bit of discussion and a lot of thinking, I figured another angle.

I don’t know if it’s “better” but seeing as it’s a horror story, I think it has more horror now…much more punch at the end. So, sometimes, letting another person take a crack at your story can have benefits and help you “see” the proverbial light. I am thankful for that insight, and sometimes someone not connected with your stuff can see it from a better perspective.

So give other readers a try when you get stuck on a story.

And now…back to the real writing 🙂

Have a good one and don’t give up.