Welcome to the Holidays…

I have been quiet here for a time, but I’ve been busy writing and working with Mannison Press and Soteira Press as two of my short stories are getting published!

Thanks to both presses–Ron and Diedre from Mannison, and Gabriel and his crew from Soteira for getting behind my stories.

Third, more good news:  I have a third story being picked up for next year (it’s been a really good year on the short story front!).  Eerie River Publishing is picking up a story I wrote called, Thirteen.  A big thanks to Michelle and Alanna from Eerie River for accepting it!

So, for me this is really cool.  I’ve been working a long time at writing and to have had 3 stories hit and sync with presses in a short time frame really does wonders for the self confidence. 

I’m sure most of you who write do it for the story telling.  If you don’t you probably don’t keep writing very long, because the act of getting published is often a winding path fraught with rejection, disappointment sitting on your little creative island turning out the tales.

However, it’s the successes, when they do come, that keep your drive alive and encourage you to dig back down into the blood and guts to keep typing away at the keyboard (or on pen and paper if that’s your thing).  I can definitely say these publications have reassured me I’m doing what I should be doing and will keep my writing habit fed for a good long time!  

I have no delusions about my writing:  it’s a “have to” kind of thing, and even if someone told me with certainty I’d never get published, I’d still end up writing because the stories just show up on my mental doorstep.  Having said that, it’s really really nice to get the publishing pat on the back.

So keep writing.  Never give up.  Go get ’em.  It will turn your way sooner or later!